Sherbrooke, Estrie, Quebec

Who is Yorik?

Conjuror, illusionist and enchanter.

By definition, a magician attempts to trick our senses by recreating magical phenomena. Yet is it truly possible to imitate something that doesn’t exist? As Yorik guides you through his world—a world of magic, enchantment, and spells—you can discover the answer for yourself. His impressive performances and magic tricks are sure to mystify and entertain you!

Conjuring. The art of creating illusions using sleight of hand. The performance of “physically entertaining” tricks, acts, or phenomena, also known as stage magic.

Illusion. The inaccurate interpretation of sensory information. Auditory illusion. Optical illusion. An effect obtained through art, tricks, and special effects that gives the impression of being real or true: a robot creates the illusion of being alive.

Enchantment. Literary. Magical power exercised over a being or thing, a spell; the state of the person or thing under its influence: practices intended to break an enchantment. The state of mind of someone who is charmed; delight, euphoria: the enchantment experienced when listening to this music.


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